06 September 2016
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Quick and easy to use, a cam latch is useful for a myriad of applications. Often sold as complete off the shelf items, this can restrict their usefulness. Why hobble a workhorse? With the right selection, a cam latch or lock can do an exactly the job you need.
By asking yourself a few straightforward questions, you can find the precise part to do the job you need.

By asking yourself a few straightforward questions, instead of a DIY bodge job with an inappropriate part, you can find the precise part to do the job you need.

Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Which installation cut out do I need?

2. Which body style is best for me?

3. Which locking key is most appropriate for my level of security?

4. Which cam type and size provides and exact fit?

5. Which degree of sealing do I need?

Step 1: Which Installation Cut Out?

Cam latches use a cut out for installation –at Wixroyd we use a standard installation cut out 22,2 dia, 20,2 square, for maximum flexibility. We also provide a number of alternative cut outs for legacy/historical installations. Smaller latches such as mini cam latches will have smaller, bespoke cut outs.

2. Which body style?

Simple enclosures will need a simple solution. Even here, though, Wixroyd has design choices – do you want a cast zinc, polyamide plastic and stainless version? For data cabinets, larger doors and other enclosures, you could also consider a cam based Swing Handle – again in a variety of finishes and designs.

3. Which locking key?

Wixroyd can supply you with a variety of security options, to suit most needs. At the simplest end, we have lockless T,L or wing handle varieties, keeping enclosures closed without the need for a lock. A step up the security ladder is an insert driver – a latch that is actuated by a shaped key (a variety of shapes are available, from squares and hexes to triangles and slotted designs) – to prevent accidental or casual opening. For more secure locking options, cam locks, needing a key, should be chosen – these again have a variety of security levels – a Euro Key gives keyed security but an easily replaceable industry standard. ‘Keyed Alike’ gives a standard factory key, and ‘Keyed to Differ’ gives a highly secure different key for each lock.

4. Which cam type and size?

This is the most important choice you have to make when selecting a cam lock or latch. Cam latches ‘grip’ panels together. The distance between the surface of the outer panel and the innermost part of the inner panel is called, as you might have guessed, the the grip. Other manufacturers often sell a lock with a cam as part of the deal. We feel that this restricts the options that you have to get just the right grip measurement. The selection of a cam with an offset will give you a arrange of options for your grip measurement. So if you wanted a grip of 25mm and had a cam of 18mm length, you would need to select a cam with a 7mm offset.

Be careful – some cams are made with bevels that are designed to stop scratches. While useful, this means that they cannot be turned upside down, as they will scratch and the offset could be affected. You cannot simply turn a 7mm offset cam into a minus 7mm offset cam by turning it upside down.

The cam length is important too. It impacts the reach of the cam to door frame and hence impacts the positioning of the cam body for installation. Cam length is measured from the centre of the cam fixing hole to the cam’s leading edge. Most typically cams are 35 or 45 mm in length

6. Degrees of Sealing Protection

A product classified to an IP rating has either been tested in an independent laboratory, or due to the resemblance of its structure to a tested product, classified as IP.

IP 54: Dust and Splash Protected - This is the standard classification for our products. Equivalent to NEMA3.

IP 65: Dust Tight and Jetting Secure Through the application of an o-ring and a flat gasket, this higher classification can be achieved

We have technical pages in our catalogue and on our web to guide all these choices, as well as technical sales staff to who can help find the right cam latch for your enclosure. Please note: We can only guarantee our products correspond to the indicated IP classification when assembled and used correctly.

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