01 April 2020
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Using the HARDLOCK Nut from Staytite

Using the HARDLOCK Nut from Staytite provides its users with a solution to resist loosening in threaded joints that is proven to out-perform every other fastener available…

The HARDLOCK solution utilises the wedge principle. Firstly, the lower convex nut generates axial torque in the same way as a normal nut. Importantly this nut has a small eccentricity at the upper convex (highlighted here in red). Then, as the (symmetrical) upper concave lock nut is tightened against the eccentricity it generates a wedge effect perpendicular to the axis. This pushes the lower convex nut against the screw thread. When the upper concave nut is completely tightened, the HARDLOCK Nut produces a stable self-locking force with the result that it remains unaffected by external vibration or impact.

The versatile HARDLOCK Nut is available in a range of sizes, thread types, and can be retro-fitted to existing male thread components when required.

The HARDLOCK Nut has met the testing requirements of multiple vibration and impact tests including the NAS3350 and 3354 National Aerospace Standard.Its proven reliability enables its users to benefit from a significant reduction in their maintenance costs.

For more information visit: www.hard-lock.co.uk or call Staytite: 01494 462322


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