24 August 2014
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TR Fastenings Offers Design Engineers a Joined-Up Approach at FAST Exhibition on 10th September 2014

Come and meet TR's team of specialists and discover more about how this leading global manufacturer and supplier of fasteners and fixings can provide Design Engineers with the best fastening solutions for products and applications. TR Fastenings will be presenting an overview of its extensive portfolio of products, licences and services at the show, including sheet metal fasteners, plastic products for PCB hardware and Cable Management and an extensive range of drives.

TR Fastenings owns the Pozidriv ® trademark for the UK, Pozi ® in the EU, as well as the MAThread® and Torx® licences and has recently come to an agreement with Phillips Screw Company whereby it will manufacture, under licence, Phillips' complete range of industrial drive systems. These include the recently introduced Mortorq® Super Spiral Drive Recess, which provides customers with the ability to reduce head height and save weight; timely when the automotive industry is particularly keen to take weight out of vehicles and improve fuel economy.

The company supplies a wide range of industries, including automotive, electronics/telecoms, general industrial, audio, home appliance, petrochemical and marine. With its extensive product knowledge and global resources, combined with engineering and design support plus extensive after-sales care, TR Fastenings is a Full Service Provider. Furthermore, TR is one of Europe's largest providers of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions, allowing it to design and implement specific supply systems that save its customers time and money.

TR Fastenings Ltd

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TR Fastenings Ltd

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