01 February 2010
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Tool-less technique saves time and money

At next month's Fastening & Assembly Solutions Exhibition, DIRAK will be showing some of its Snap-Line products including: hinges, handles, locks and latches, and other fasteners which allow for tool-less assembly.

With D-Snap technology, it is possible to install hardware without the use of tools or traditional mounting hardware. Snap-in elements are integrated into a housing component and are wedged into the cutout, thereby providing a secure and vibration proof installation. This technology is a new way for companies to save money and reduce inventory. Dirak believes that users can save up to 90% of hardware installation time.

A recently introduced electro-mechanical swinghandle from Dirak is designed for applications where security is a concern especially in cabinets that are exposed to weather elements and accessible to the general public. To open the device, there must be a power supply or the profile cylinder must be mechanically activated. The power supply is provided with authorisation on an existing management system. An LED indicates when the handle is ready to be opened. The handle can be opened within 20 seconds and the locked/unlocked status appears in the LED.

Come and meet Dirak at the Fastening & Assembly Solutions Exhibition, 11th March 2010, at the RAF Museum Hendon.

Paul Gay

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