01 September 2010
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Standoffs and pins designed for compact electronics

Two new self-clinching micro fastener types and styles to suit the diminutive design envelopes encountered in hand-held and other wireless devices are now available from Zygology.

Type MSO4 micro self-clinching standoff fasteners are for spacing or stacking applications in compact electronic assemblies. Manufactured by PEM in the US, the micro self-clinching standoffs are made from 400 Series stainless steel and are engineered with threads as small as M1.0 and in lengths as short as 2mm. They can be installed into sheet metal (including 300 Series stainless steel) as thin as 0.4mm with maximum hardness up to HRB 88 on the Rockwell "B" scale.

Type MPP self-clinching micro pins are good for positioning and alignment applications in compact electronic assemblies. These are also available with diameters as small as 1mm and in lengths as short as 2mm and can be installed permanently into stainless steel or other sheet materials as thin as 0.5mm with hardness up to HRB 92.

Zygology believes that these micro fasteners can serve as practical, cost-effective, and secure solutions enabling quicker assembly of compact electronic devices. Both types of fasteners become integral parts of an assembly by clinching permanently in place, will not loosen or fall out, and never have to be handled again.

Visitors to the forthcoming FAST exhibition at the National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham on 21st October will have an opportunity to come and talk to Zygology representatives about specific applications.

Paul Gay


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