07 September 2016
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Spiralock Potted Inserts for Composite Honeycomb Panels

Spiralock® self-locking potted inserts (NAS1832 type) are used in composite honeycomb panels for aerospace and satellite systems applications requiring resistance against thread loosening. They provide consistent locking with ability for multiple installs without degradation of locking. Potted inserts are typically made of titanium but are now also offered in aluminum for improved weight savings.

Spiralock® potted inserts offered by STANLEY Engineered Fastening are used in composite honeycomb panels for aerospace and satellite systems fastening applications that require resistance against thread loosening, while providing consistent locking and ability for multiple installs without degradation of locking. The Spiralock thread is a free running, self-locking thread form that mates with standard male fasteners. The crest of the male screw engages and is locked with the Spiralock internal thread featuring a 30˚ wedge ramp, creating a continuous spiral line contact along the entire length of the thread engagement. This continuous line contact spreads the clamp force more evenly over all engaged threads, thus eliminating the opportunity for the screw to loosen in high vibrational environments.

The Spiralock potted inserts originally offered in Titanium are now also available in Aluminum for additional weight and cost savings. They are designed to meet dimensional features of NAS1832 specification potted inserts. The Spiralock thread design allows for multiple reuses and vibrational fatigue cycles without loss of locking performance. This is especially advantageous when mounting hardware into the potted inserts embedded in the panels, as the Spiralock threaded fasteners permit the user the ability to disassemble, move hardware and reconfigure components with ease. Since the thread is free running, the locking does not rely on prevailing torque or deformed threads, and the Spiralock threaded insert can be reused multiple times while locking on every install. STANLEY Engineered Fastening can manufacture any custom potted insert design, implementing the Spiralock self-locking threads to create a premier locking and reusable threaded insert for composite materials.

Stanley Engineered Fastening - Spiralock

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