04 March 2021
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Speeding up your fluid transfer

As a leading supplier of fastening solutions, TFC is helping manufacturers reliably speed up their fluid transfer processes. By increasing their assembly speed, manufacturers can meet tight deadlines and deliver products that meet their customers’ high expectations.

Specialist connectors are found in various automotive and heavy vehicle connection systems, including fuel lines, cooling circuits and battery cooling systems. When choosing a connector, you must ensure that it matches the operating conditions and that it is correctly assembled with a secure connection.

If you require a specialist connector, TFC offers ARaymond Quick Connectors that you can simply push into place and it will lock itself. Quick Connectors also provide a visual or audio confirmation of the connection, which removes the risk of the fluid line not being correctly assembled.

TFC stocks ARaymond Quick Connectors in a wide range of configurations. No matter the geometry, O-ring material, locking mechanism, assembly check options, end piece types, diameters or function, it has the part you need.

Avoiding stock outs

A Quick Connector is a great way to speed things up — but only if the part is in stock. To help ensure you have a steady supply of these components, TFC can supply the connectors as part of a bespoke VMI system.

With VMI, all component ordering is done through one partner — TFC. This can reduce costs when procuring components, remove the risk of running out of stock and prevent long lead times. A streamlined supply of parts can also deliver positive cash flow benefits and significantly increase your stock visibility and control.

Are you trying to speed up your manufacturing process? We’re here to help. For more information, visit https://www.tfc.eu.com/products/araymond-quick-con... or call +44 (0) 1435 866 011.

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