01 April 2013
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Say goodbye to cross-threaded screws

When assembling screws, there are often problems with starting the thread due to either manual installation or narrow fitting conditions.

Screws can be displaced by one thread turn into the component resulting in the so-called 'cross-thread'. This results in damage to or even the destruction of the receiving thread. Loss of production and significant post-processing costs are the result.

Cross-threading can be a serious consequence when assembling screws although the problem often goes unrecognised but a technical solution introduced by Böllhoff Fastening is as simple as it is brilliant. Originally developed for the automotive industry, Navitight can solve the problem efficiently. An undersized thread at the lead of the screw guides the main thread into its correct position, avoiding the dreaded cross thread.

This reliable screwing method has a hexagon flange head and is available in M5 to M14 diameters. Other head styles and diameters are available on request.

Visitors to the FAST Exhibition at RAF Museum Cosford later this month will be able to discuss the concept at the Böllhoff Fastening stand.

Paul Gay

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