12 October 2016
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Problem Solving Solutions from Design & Automation

At the recent FAST exhibition, Design & Automation Solutions launched a range of automated application & assembly equipment for adhesives, gaskets, sealants & tapes such as this recently installed robot assembly cell with adhesive gasket dispenser for a leading automotive moulding producer needing to increase manufacturing output.

Our client required a new system to integrate with an existing moulding machine and robot to accurately dispense adhesive gaskets for placement on a pair of plastic mouldings used in the automotive industry. Based around our standard DAS1220 gasket dispenser we provided a solution which additionally incorporated sprue cutters and rotating product fixtures to orientate each moulding correctly for gasket placement. This equipment is mounted in a mobile safety interlocked guard enclosure which allows a vacuum pick up head fitted to the robot to remove the 2 impression moulding (left & right hand) from the tool and offer them to the various devices in turn. Initially the sprue is cut from the mouldings to separate them, before each is placed on its own fixture and the sprue itself discarded into a collection bin. The fixtures then contra rotate to align the mouldings with the gasket orientation and the vacuum head rotates to provide a second set of cups to pick the gasket. The DAS1220 accurately feeds a gasket to the pick-up position and once the robot has gripped this, the dispense edge retracts leaving the gasket on the vacuum head. The robot then places the gasket on the first moulding adhering it to the upper face before lifting the assembled parts from the fixture and dropping them in the appropriate collection bin. In the meantime, the DAS1220 presents another gasket before the robot returns and repeats this sequence for the second moulding. The contra rotating fixtures allow a single gasket with tag to be used, removing the need for and saving the cost of opposite hand gaskets and 2 dispensers which the clients existing machine has. On completion of the sequence the fixtures return to their original position in readiness for processing the next pair of mouldings.

See this machine and others in action http://designandautomation.com/video-02.htm

Our equipment utilises Mitsubishi PLC based control systems to operate the various devices and provide the interface signals with the robot in this instance, but can also be supplied with a range of industry standard communications protocols if required. An HMI is used to provide messaging, manual operation functions and basic data collection and can also be linked to a SCADA system.

These modular machines are based on the many successful & innovative designs produced in 30 years of special purpose machinery development and manufacture. We provide bespoke solutions for a variety of manufacturing processes using standard components wherever possible. Our flexible machines can be stand-alone or integrated and can have many additional processes incorporated to meet our clients varied and often unique requirements. This cost effective route and our “Concept to Completion” service allow our clients’ to maximize returns on investment with benefits that can include increased productivity, improved accuracy, reduced waste and lower labour costs.

Solving problems for manufacturers is our business and we like a challenge so please discuss your next project with our automation experts based in Oxfordshire and Tyne & Wear.

Call 01844 355591 or e-mail info@designandautomation.com


Design & Automation Solutions Ltd

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Design & Automation Solutions Ltd

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