01 September 2011
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Pneumatic applicators have novel multi spray pattern function

Specialist applicator manufacturers PC Cox has launched two pneumatic sealant and adhesive applicators, which have been ergonomically designed to be light and comfortable to handle, allowing longer usage time to aid productivity.

Jetflow3 is a multipurpose applicator, which outputs both bead and spray and replicates highly accurate spray patterns, crucial in sectors such as automotive repairers and refinishers. The applicator is simple to change from bead to spray and is claimed to be ideal for use with all conventional and sprayable low to high viscosity sealants.

The latest in the Airflow series is a more efficient, modern and aesthetically pleasing applicator, that's straightforward to use in the application of low to high viscosity sealants. The Airflow3 has a built-in silencer and integrated air connectors. There are no exposed parts and an integrated air pressure regulator allows for a more precise and smooth flow control.

Paul Gay

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