01 December 2009
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PEEK polymer tape selected for solder mask application

A film, made with Victrex PEEK polymer, has been selected by one of Taiwan's leading providers of high performance films and tapes for use as CMOS / CCD masks during SMT soldering for electronics and semiconductor industries.

Talisman Industrial Tape Co has recently developed a protective tape based on Victrex APTIV film. In chemical and heat sensitive applications, existing protective tape has a tendency to etch the surface coating, leading to significant loss of properties.

The adoption of APTIV film on protective tape enabled Talisman to develop CMOS/CCD mask with excellent chemical and heat resistance capabilities enabling stable performance in harsh environments. Besides ensuring exceptional protection, the protective tape based on APTIV film also assists Talisman's customers in increasing production capabilities and raising yield rate, especially in the SMT process. "Victrex APTIV film significantly enhances our production capability," said Richard Lin, General Manager of Talisman. "After we finished the chemical process on one side of the wafer, we can laminate this film on the other side for protection. The film helps to increase the wafer from one-sided to double-sided capacity."

Paul Gay


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