18 December 2017
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Optical Clear Material: A bright view of the future

Wherever an invisible bonding is needed, Lohmann’s new optical clear materials come into action. DuploCOLL OC is the latest innovative technology Lohmann’s “Bonding Engineers” have developed. Its outstanding features are: invisible bonding, high stability against UV light and excellent water and temperature resistance.

From coating, to converting and die-cutting, Lohmann offers the whole value chain for optimal transparent bonding solutions. Produced and packed under cleanroom conditions, DuploCOLL OC offers the highest transparency of carrier and liners. Better handling and smart packaging are guaranteed during the converting process while highest accuracy during die-cutting is ensured. This innovative process makes it possible for Lohmann’s “Bonding Engineers” to offer specific solutions depending on customers’ requirements.

Within the DuploCOLL OC range Lohmann distinguishes between four products. DuploCOLL 20050 OC is a thin transferable tape (50µ) with two transparent film liners. DuploCOLL 20075 OC is slightly thicker (75µ), transferable and also has two transparent film liners. The double sided DuploCOLL 20112 OC is even thicker (2 x 50µ) and has two high-end PET film liners. DuploCOLL 20162 OC is the thickest tape (2 x 75µ) of this range and also has two PET liners. All four products are available on rolls or as individual die-cut parts.

The DuploCOLL OC range offers a wide range of possible applications, especially in the market for consumer goods and electronics. Component bonding for mobile or portable devices are as realizable as lamination for circuit boards, for example. Especially when it comes to displays like in the automotive industry and glass panels, DuploCOLL OC offers transparent bonding that meets industry’s high demands towards a clean and clear bonding solution, but also electronics will profit from DuploCOLL OC’s characteristics when long-term transparent protection is needed. Following Lohmann’s holistic “Smart Bonding Approach”, support and advice regarding the handling and application of the Lohmann bonding solutions is guaranteed.


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