01 May 2011
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New horizons for corrosion protection

Considerable research and development resources have been invested in NOF Metal Coatings Europe (previously Dacral) in recent years for the development of the Geomet coating system.

Exhibiting at the recent Hannover Fair in Germany, the company suggested that these developments have allowed new industrial applications in the corrosion protection field.

Examples are high performing black coatings for automobile chassis components, which can last the life of the car but are water-based and contain reduced levels of volatile organic compounds in their chemical make-up. For design reasons, black corrosion protective coatings for threaded parts and other metal components are required by the automotive industry.

The company's black coatings are chromium-free, water-based, and offer a high corrosion resistance: 1000 hours neutral salt spray test without red rust (Fe corrosion) or white rust (Zn corrosion). Outdoor weathering tests and vehicle tests have shown a corrosion resistance performance that matches the current expectations for chassis parts in the automotive industry.

Paul Gay

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