14 September 2016
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New door positioning technology eliminates the need for struts and stays

Southco has an extensive range of positioning hinges, all of which allow doors, hatches, inspection covers and may other types of opening to be held in any given position without the need for mechanical stays, gas struts, chains or other additional mechanisms. By using highly advanced internal mechanisms these hinges can retain their performance for many thousands of cycles. When many users think of door positioning they think of simple friction hinges – but this new generation of hinges is far removed from these increasingly outdated products.

In a further extension of the range asymmetric resistance can be offered within a hinge. This offers low resistance or even positive assistance when lifting a lid, and greater resistance when closing. This all ensures that the door is held positively in position without the apparent weight of the door being increased for the user.

The wide range of options available means that there are products suited to a large range of situations where removing additional ‘locking’ mechanisms to hold doors open become redundant. This produces a cleaner look for the product, whilst improving functionality and reducing costs.

The latest addition to the range allows door positioning technology to be applied to much heavier duty applications than was previously possible.

The recently announced CA Lid Counterbalancing Hinge is designed to take the effort out of opening heavy horizontal lids. The hinge features an external mounting style which allows for increased capacity within the enclosure, and eliminates the need for secondary support components such as struts or gas stays to hold lids or panels in position. The CA Counterbalance Hinge can be fine-tuned to the feel of the lid or panel, eliminating the need for constant maintenance and readjustment, and offer effortless fingertip positioning and provides precise balance for ease of positioning.


  • Expands on Southco’s successful line of counterbalanced, constant torque hinges to include heavier lids, doors, and panels used in indoor applications
  • Takes the effort out of lifting and supporting heavy lids, doors and panels
  • Adjustable to accommodate a wide range of panel sizes and weights
  • Holds doors and panels in any position
  • External mounting style frees up interior space within enclosure
  • Eliminates the need for secondary support components (gas struts, door stays, etc.)
  • Maintains consistent performance without maintenance or readjustment

For more information please click here to go to the CA hinge News Page

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