09 December 2020
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New Anti-microbial bow handle from EMKA – for domestic, public, industrial use

EMKA’s new 1095-36-WI bow handle with the optional cover is designed to meet increasing hygiene regulations which require anti-microbial characteristics for use in highly frequented environments. These are situations where particular attention must be paid to potential exposure and include areas of public access, also in medical technology settings or in the food industry. Other possible uses can be found in ventilation and air conditioning installations.

Silver is a reliable and well proven biocide now introduced to the popular EMKA 1095 program during the production phase where it is mixed into the granular base. This new anti-microbial handle offers exactly the same performance and appearance as standard items in all other respects. The WI version is also black to match normal industry practice and has an optional clip on cover for enhanced aesthetic appearance as well as cleanliness and for security.

Antimicrobial plastics are ideally suited to these applications – while there is no change in the previous physical or other chemical properties there are also no restrictions on use and no special care is required for installation or aftercare, as the silver additive is fully integrated throughout the polyamide. The antibacterial effect is considered not as a substitute, but as a supplement to regular disinfection procedures, e.g. in the toilet area or on food and pharmaceutical machines.

Handles with this silver biocide inclusion have laboratory proven effectiveness according to ISO 22196 as demonstrated against E. Coli (intestinal bacteria) and Staphylococcus aureus. This is particularly critical in hospitals especially because Staphylococcus aureus can be multi-resistant to a range of antibiotics.

Paul Fanning

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