01 September 2009
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More grip less waste

Permatex Europe has come up with an improved threadlocker, which uses a special gel formulation and a pinpoint applicator to eliminate messy liquids, while reducing wastage and clean up.

Technicians can put the threadlocker exactly where they want, especially in vertical applications and hard to reach places. The product will flow into threads more easily than solid stick formulations, but will not spill like liquid threadlockers.

Gel Twist Threadlockers are more effective than conventional lock washers, nylon inserts and other mechanical devices because they secure the entire fastener assembly against loosening from shock and vibration. This means the fastener clamping forces are maintained as well as being protected from corrosion.

They couldn't be simpler to use – remove the cap, turn the dial to expose from 3mm to 6mm of material, apply to fastener and close cap. Permatex boasts that Gel Twist provides total control on exactly how much and where the threadlocker is applied

Paul Gay


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