01 April 2009
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Metal bonding adhesive

Supreme 10HT metal bonding adhesive from Master Bond can, according to the company's Rachel Ruchama, "be applied effectively to dissimilar metal substrates with different melting points".

The adhesive distributes stress loads evenly over a broad bonding line rather than a concentrated area, thereby reducing the stress on joints."
The company highlights Supreme 10HT, a one-part, heat-resistant adhesive formulated to cure at elevated temperatures. "It offers excellent bonding performance and easy, fast assemblies."

Serviceable over a wide temperature range, the adhesive exhibits "superior resistance to impact, thermal shock, vibration, and fatigue cracking - important factors that affect metal bond strength. In addition, the product withstands severe thermal recycling and resists water, oil, fuels, and most organic solvents", says Rachel Ruchama.

Supreme 10HT is stated to achieve strong bonds featuring high shear and peel strength between aluminium, brass, titanium, steel, etc., as well as between rubbers and plastics to metal.

Paul Gay


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