01 October 2008
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Machine offers spiral and orbital forming methods

Spiralform is described by Orbitform Europe as a new fastening process that allows the assembly of products using a 360º, eleven-sided forming pattern.

"The method can be applied to fasten rivets or preformed posts/pegs used in product assemblies", says Jon Isaacs, sales director. "The process is most suitable for applications that involve delicate articles or thin wall, hollow rivets, or long shank pegs where it is important that the end result should not be excessively deformed or affected by the forming operation itself."

The Spiralform machine is stated to be unique "because it is the first fastening solution capable of operating in either a 'spiral' or an 'orbital' forming pattern, says Jon Isaacs. "It is possible to select either technique using the same machine. To change between the two requires only the forming head to be changed which takes three minutes.

"This means that a user now can use the same machine for more than one application and, by changing the head, can increase the range of products that can be fastened together."

Paul Gay

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