01 October 2009
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Lighter anchor nuts to be launched at exhibition

Pierce and rivet fastening specialist Profil (UK) will be showcasing its brand new RSD series of self piercing nuts for sheet metal applications at the Fastening and Assembly Solutions Exhibition – to be held at the National Motorcycle Museum on 29th October.

The new RSD fasteners are available with M6 or M8 threads, capable of piercing up to 1.6 mm and 2.00 mm steel panels respectively. They incorporate a large flange for extremely high pull through resistance and typically achieve 16-20 Nm torque performance under production conditions, making them particularly suitable for automotive, electrical equipment, white goods and enclosure applications.

The new fasteners are 30% lighter than Profil's popular RND series nuts and provide a flush finish on the exterior of the panel, optimising the contact area between assembled parts and minimising the risk of handling damage. With a shorter installed length than competitive products, the new anchors also offer additional cost benefits through the use of shorter screws in like-for-like assembly applications and reduced storage space requirements for stacked components.

Other products on show at the Fastening and Assembly Solutions Exhibition will include Profil's recently-introduced NBR threaded stud and REN nut. Other applications on show will include the use of Profil RSN and RND high strength rivet nuts at the heart of an over-moulded bonnet latch assembly on Audi vehicles, as well as the provision of high strength anchorage points in the construction of modular buildings and a series of installations on Land-Rover, Mini and BMW models – in areas ranging from wing mirror retention to safety-critical engine, gearbox and subframe mountings.


Paul Gay

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