01 June 2012
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Knurled index plungers for accurate repositioning

Sometimes the simple things in life can make all the difference.

While a lot of focus may be given to the latest tool changer or cutting technology that has gone into a machine tool, how much thought is given to positioning components? The speed and accuracy with which a sliding or rotating jig piece can be repositioned for example could become the 'make or break' issue in a new machine's productivity.

WDS claims to be Europe's largest manufacturer and distributor of standard part components and has launched a new range of knurled index plungers for applications that require reliable and quick fastening of moving parts. Ergonomically designed with easy-grip knurling, they can quickly be retracted and locked by simply pulling the plunger and rotating it a quarter turn. The new product range is ideal for manually repositioning the indexed parts on jigs and adjustable assembly units where pre-determined positioning locations have been designed in.

A specials service can produce a modified indexing plunger at extremely competitive prices, and with short lead times. All products are available with no minimum order quantity and without a small order surcharge, meaning that customers have complete flexibility when placing an order.

Paul Gay


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