17 January 2019
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Bollhoff’s unique RIVNUT fastener has recently been specified for use in the construction of roadsigns by a major European manufacturer. RIVNUT is a blind fastener so the sign maker only needed access to a single side of the piece during manufacture, leading to a much higher throughput and lower installed cost than alternative methods which were also considered during evaluation and testing.

Designed specifically for use in thin-walled materials where threads cannot be cut, RIVNUT delivers strong, resilient threads with excellent pull-out resistance and is also available as a stud. As the nut or stud is torqued into place in a thin-walled material, the inside face of RIVNUT deforms predictably and by design to shape itself as a collar which spreads the load area on the fastener over a wide area around the hole. This, says the company, is one reason why the fastener delivers exceptional strength for its size.

Another key design advantage is that Bollhoff offers RIVNUT with a variety of protective coatings. As a result the fastener is widely used in hostile environments where performance degradation through corrosion is a real threat. RIVNUT is available as standard in aluminium, steel or stainless steel, and users can choose between specifying standard stainless or zinc and zinc-nickel plated finishes to deliver the necessary long-term corrosion resistance.

In another recent example of RIVNUT being selected for outdoor applications in a difficult environment, the fastener was selected as the primary structural fixing for the mounting of foot straps onto snowboards.

RIVNUT is designed for use in a variety of engineering materials including plastics, steel, aluminium and composites. In addition to supplying RIVNUT in a wide selection of sizes Bollhoff also has available a range of bespoke RIVNUT installation tools designed for ease of use and to maximise production rates.

Bollhoff Ltd

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