15 October 2014
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Guarantee Product Accuracy & Completeness by Weight

Weight-based quality control is an affordable, easy to implement and secure way of checking product quality, intactness and completeness. Find out more by reading METTLER TOLEDO's new white paper - Simple Quality Control at High Throughput Rates – which discusses the latest advances in this area. Plus watch a short 10 minute webinar which shows several application examples of weight-based quality control.

The white paper and webinar demonstates how to acheive accurate and reliable quality checks in seconds by selecting the right weighing equipment. You'll eliminate unnecessary cost during production, maximises profitability and protect your brand integrity. Benefit from

• Fast, error-free processes

• Accurate and reliable results

• Easy-to-use devices

• Automatic quality data capture

To download the white paper or view the presentation and learn more about weight-based quality control, visit: www.mt.com/ics5-wbqc

Mettler-Toledo Ltd

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Mettler Toledo Ltd

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