01 September 2011
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Flexible woodworking machines need standard components

Industrial woodworking machines are high precision pieces of equipment with a requirement for great flexibility in the manufacturing process so high quality standard components are likely to be of great value in helping machine manufacturers to reach their goals.

An example of a standard machine element is Elesa's DD52R box indicator, which features a lowered height case especially suited to woodworking machines – they may be assembled by passing onto a machine spindle in any angular position to give a direct reading of the machine component. They are also suitable for motor driven applications.

The company's Ergostyle range of machine elements includes the ERM range of adjustable clamping handles in epoxy coated zinc die. These handles are a real advantage where space is tight since they allow partial tightening with a limited arc, then release and reverse to tighten again over the same arc. Other applications include repetitive clamping applications where the speedy ratchet style action greatly enhances operator comfort and productivity.

High strength clamping knobs are often a requirement of woodworking equipment and are catered for in the Elesa range by the VB.639 series which provide up to 130mm dia of rugged leverage for heavy duty operation – where the application of a hammer may be required.

Meet Elesa at the FAST Exhibition, 20th October 2011, National Motorcycle Museum Birmingham

Paul Gay

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