01 September 2009
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Flexible epoxies and heat-cured acrylates

Inseto is the exclusive agent in the United Kingdom and Ireland for the German concern, Delo Industrial Adhesives.

"New developments include flexible epoxies and heat-cured acrylates", reports Inseto's sales manager Eamonn Redmond. "Epoxies with 200% elongation are a step-up in technology and Delo's new products offer this level of flexibility.

"Driving the acrylate development is the magnetic assembly industry which traditionally used activators and anaerobic adhesives, and where it is possible for the adhesive to cure in the dispense system. The new acrylates can be heat-cured in less than a minute and offer very flexible adhesives with high-impact resistance without the danger of machine downtime due to cured adhesives in the nozzle."

Other adhesives from Delo being highlighted by Inseto include two-part polyurethanes, fast-curing cyanoacrylates, light-cured acrylics, and light-activated epoxies. "These meet the requirements of customers for the efficient joining of different materials - plastics, metals, and glass - in diverse applications in the automotive, industrial, commercial, and electronics sectors", says Eamonn Redmond. Delo's light-cured adhesives are stated to offer "significant advantages when bonding to glass due to their clarity and resistance to yellowing even after 1000 hours in a sunlight chamber. These adhesives exhibit extremely high shear strength especially in glass-to-glass bonding. Their flexibility offers excellent stress-relieving properties."

Inseto will be exhibiting at the Fastening & Assembly Solutions Show, National Motorcycle Museum, 23 October.

Paul Gay


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