16 February 2014
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Fasteners give a healthy return

An unusual application for Böllhoff's SNAPLOC® fasteners comes from the medical arena. Hospital power, equipment and instrument housings are found at every hospital bedside. Commonly described as hospital bedhead trunking, this is a huge marketplace and one that is growing as ever more sophisticated resources are installed in hospital wards.

The fascias of the horizontal Modus Supply Panels made by Static Systems Group PLC of Staffordshire, use SNAPLOC® fasteners to enable easy and nearly instant access to equipment for maintenance or upgrading purposes, yet present a smooth unimpeded face plate to the trunking. Existing bedhead trunking products tend to use screws, which apart from being a little unsightly also present scope to harbour germs.

Static Systems also manufactures vertical Modus Supply Panels capable of housing its patient entertainment and communication systems, but also instruments, sockets and other equipment.

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