17 September 2020
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Engineered wave spring and circlip solutions

Medical devices must be dependable down to their smallest components, such as wave springs and circlips so they can perform critical functions every time.

Devices and equipment, such as ventilators, oxygen concentrators, pumps, surgical tools and injection pens all rely on the proper performance of wave springs or circlips to guarantee patient safety.It is therefore important that manufacturers of medical devices work with a supplier that has the required expertise and experience to deliver products that meet the stringent demands of the medical industry.

Product strength, precision, resistance and traceability are key ingredients to make certain that these demands are met.

Rotor Clip’s vertically integrated manufacturing process ensures a very high level of quality control starting from raw material acquisition all the way to the finished product. This level of quality is not only evident in the products it manufactures, but also confirmed by several quality certifications and OEM awards.

The company employs state of the art measuring instruments on its production floors and utilizes its in-house metrology lab to ensure the continuous production of precision parts with tight tolerances for our customers.

In order to accommodate the ever-shrinking spaces in a variety of medical devices, Rotor Clip produces circlips to fit shafts down to 1 mm and wave springs with an outer diameter of 3mm.

Having extensive metallurgical expertise and a large selection of material options, Rotor Clip offers products that can withstand the extremes of medical use such as frequent cleanings and washdowns. Common materials used in the production of wave springs and circlips requested by the medical industry include, but are not limited to Stainless Steel – 302,Stainless Steel – 316,Stainless Steel - Ph 15-7Mo, Stainless Steel - 17-7, and Beryllium Copper Alloy #25.

All products the company offers, including circlips, wave springs, snap rings, spiral rings, and hose clamps, are lot traceable back to the processes and materials used in their production and are available with various certifications.

Rotor Clip is proud to employ a dedicated team of engineers and product application experts to assist customers in finding the right ring or spring solution for their application. This expertise comes from long years of working with customers on innumerable application design challenges, product improvements, and new product development.

Contact Rotor Clip’s engineering group today to support you in choosing the part best suited for your medical application.

Rotor Clip Ltd

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Rotor Clip Ltd

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