10 June 2014
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Double sided tapes a viable alternative to mechanical fixing

The ACXplus range of double-sided tapes from tesa® offers the most effective double-sided tape solution for "constructive bonding" currently available in the market place.
Quality double-sided tapes have always displayed many benefits in speed of application and cost-efficiency over mechanical fixings but tesa® ACXplus adds this new dimension to encompass a much wider range of applications, both indoors and out.

Constructive bonding is based on the viscoelastic properties of tesa® ACXplus; this characteristic is defined by both viscous and elastic performance enabling the range to cope with differential thermal properties of substrates to be bonded. In addition it allows tesa® ACXplus to cope with uneven or irregular surfaces.

The benefits of using a high-performance tape as against traditional mechanical methods or adhesives can now be summarised:-

• Quick and easy application in comparison to rivet, screw or weld and therefore speed up the manufacturing/assembly process
• A seamless finish – no drill holes that may lead to corrosion – better aesthetics
• Equal distribution of the stress areas of the bond, so no weak points are created as is the case with rivets and screws
• Join is less likely to rattle
• Corrosion prevention
• Flexible design options – tape can be supplied in die-cut form in the specific dimensions required speeding up assembly
• Compensating for different rates of thermal expansion and contraction of different substrates as well as absorb shock and vibration
• A range of tapes available for different applications and options available which can be used outside for years

tesa double sided tapes are used in many diverse industries where reliable, long term performance is essential.

In the bonding of powder coated materials which have a lower surface energy and are commonly known as being hard-to-bond through preventing the adhesive from wetting-out the surface, tesa® ACXplus offers high adhesion.

Because powder coated materials tend to be heavy, take for example the blades on roller shutters, bumper rails on commercial refrigerators and panel bonding applications, high degrees of thermal elongation are often found and this is where tesa® ACXplus 706x comes into its own in providing an optimal high strength bond.

In addition, tesa ACXplus707x can be used to bond panels before they are put through the powder-coating process, speeding up and simplifying the production process, with the advantage of avoiding colour-match issues on pre and post painted parts.

So are high performance double-sided tapes a viable alternative to screws, rivets, glues and adhesive? The evidence would certainly say they are more than worth considering.

tesa UK Ltd

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