01 August 2010
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Double joint igubal bearing

A new type of self aligning bearing solution, the double joint igubal bearings from igus, absorbs vibrations, minimises noise and offers extended service life, it is claimed.

They come in spherical ball as well as ball and socket varieties, both still retaining the same characteristics of the standard single-ended version.

Ball and socket joints are more than simple links for moving applications; they can crucially simplify the design and improve the technical merits of an application. The three-part system has a wear resistant polymer liner, which guarantees the service life. It can also be installed rapidly and easily by hand. The retention force is much higher than the assembly force and thus ensures system stability even in the most extreme applications.

These double joint bearings, designated IG8537, have been integrated into a wide variety of applications including a convertible roof on a car, motorcycle trailers, ventilator systems in railway carriages and a church organ. Quite a variety so the video will be worth a viewing.

Paul Gay

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