25 February 2014
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Another brand new innovative solution from Central Tapes & Adhesives Ltd. A unique high temperature adhesive sealant with superior physical properties and excellent adhesion to many substrates including metal and composite materials. Seal seams in metal panels prior to oven bake cycle, spot weld stainless steel panels then fill the gaps, reduce welding time and speed up production and process time. Say goodbye to mechanical fixings and replace with our over paintable Pre Powder Coat Sealer to give a complete invisible join and a quality finish to your product.

Central Tapes & Adhesives Limited launch a new product for a new year... CTA 15000 Heat Curing Powder Coat Seam Sealer available in a 310ml cartridge for easy application, specifically manufactured to offer a cost saving to the powder coat industry whilst maintaining an exceptional standard in performance. Advanced technology has been used to create a clever chemistry which is totally compatible with most metal coatings and oils used in powder coat production.

CTA 15000 High Temperature Adhesive Sealant has a baking cycle of 30 minutes at 160°C to 205°C, it is a single part heat cured adhesive with excellent adhesion to metal surfaces as well as composite materials. Once cured CTA 15000 can be painted over giving a complete invisible join and quality finish to your product. The high bond strength of this adhesive allows it to replace mechanical fastening, soldering, brazing or welding. Our heat curing seam sealer has been designed to be non-sagging up to 5mm bead thickness, allowing the product to be used in large gaps or vertical surfaces. Joint design possibilities are greatly improved by the high shear and peel strength of joints bonded with CTA 15000 Powder Coat Adhesive due to the increased stress distribution. It is ideal for bonding electronic components as it has high wet strength and is non-stringing, produces an excellent drop profile as well as withstanding solder reflow processes.

There are two main categories of powder coatings; thermosets and thermoplastics. the thermosetting variety incorporates a cross-linker into the formulation. When the powder is baked, it reacts with other chemical groups in the powder to polymerise, improving the performance properties. The thermoplastic variety do not undergo any additional actions during the baking process, but rather only flows out in the final coating. the most common polymers used are polyester, polyurethane, polyester-epoxy or hybrid, straight epoxy of fusion bonded and acrylics.

When a thermoset powder is exposed to elevated temperature, it begins to melt, flows out, and then chemically reacts to form a higher molecular weight polymer in a network-like structure. this cure process, called crosslinking, requires a certain temperature for a certain length of time in order to reach full cure and establish the full film properties for which the material was designed. Normally the powders cure at 200°C (360°F) for 10 minutes. The curing schedule could vary according to the manufacturer's specification. the application of energy to the product to be cured can be accomplished by convection cure ovens, infrared cure ovens, or by laser curing process.

CTA 15000 High Temperature Seam Sealer offers excellent performance at high temperature and harsh environmental conditions, having superb resistance to strong chemicals. Ideal for use in heavy wear and tear applications such as bonding metals including steel. By replacing welding or brazing, the designer can have greater freedom of choice of manufacturing materials and can bond dissimilar substrates together reducing component cost, weight and improve performance.

Central Tapes & Adhesives Ltd have a fantastic portfolio of products to suit all bonding applications in a wide range of industries along with the expertise and knowledge to support our customers' needs, this includes a variety of metal bonding products to suit many applications. Make the connection and contact us today, talk to our friendly experts!

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or click on the URL http://ctaltd.co.uk/pre-powder-coat-seam-sealer-15000/

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