01 May 2011
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Clinching tool delivers in less than 1.5 seconds

A new fastening tool that enables class D airtight air duct flanges to be manufactured significantly faster, cleaner and more economically than traditional drill and fix methods has been developed by Böllhoff.

Called Rivclinch 0404 IP Aero, the tool is TÜV Nord certified and produces cold formed airtight joints in cycle times of between 0.9 to 1.5 sec: less time than it takes to drill a hole. The robust, pneumatically operated tool achieves low cost, high quality, joints in a single operation. No additional fastener components are required, there is no swarf and hence no waste.

The product's tooling is designed to penetrate the top and bottom layers of each joint while leaving a middle layer in tact to prevent air leakage. The process delivers high strength, interlocking joints which do not vibrate or work loose over time.

It is easy to use: jaws are opened either manually or pneumatically and positioned along the profile; and a trigger is pulled to deliver a clinching force of 35kN. Distances between fastening points are generally between 120 and 160mm.Weighing in at 4.7 kg the clinching tool requires 5 to 6 bar air pressure supply.

There are no consumables and the tool is low energy use and does not generate a thermal load to damage the work pieces. There is an option to use interim layers of film or adhesives and the low noise tool does not emit heat or fumes.

Paul Gay

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