15 April 2019
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Bond polypropylene & polyethylene successfully with Permabond Polyolefin bonding adhesives

Permabond is expanding its ever-popular range of polyolefin bonding structural acrylic adhesives with its new TA4611 product.
These user-friendly, room temperature curing adhesives are ideal for bonding untreated polypropylene or polyethylene to a wide variety of other materials.

Permabond’s TA46XX range hosts a number of structural acrylic products, designed to bond low surface energy materials without the requirement to perform costly surface preparation, such as flame, corona or plasma treatments. TA4611 is ideal for those applications that require a reasonable cure time with gaps of less than 0.5 to be precise! Polyethylene and polypropylene are easy to bond with TA4611 and indeed any of the range are “must haves” when bonding hard-to-bond plastics, even PTFE, EPDM, LDPE and HDPE. They can also be used to bond these “pesky” plastics to other materials such as metal and composites. Offering good chemical and impact resistance while being a non-hazardous product, TA4611 also has a great shear strength with the material failing before the bond.

For more information about TA4611 and the TA46XX range, click here: https://www.permabond.co.uk/new-structural-acrylics.


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