14 September 2020
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Boker’s, Inc. 2020 Stampings & Washers Catalogue

Boker’s 2020 Stampings & Washers Catalogue serves as a valuable industry resource showcasing their vast washer and stamping capabilities. With over 100 years of experience in washer and stamping production, Boker’s meets standard to complex applications requirements. They offer 32,000 sizes with over 2,000 available material options.

Minneapolis, MN – November 14, 2019 – Boker’s, Inc., a leading manufacturer of precision, made-to-order metal stampings, washers, spacers and shims for over 100 years, announces the availability of its new 2020 Stampings and Washers Catalog, and the addition of 548 new sizes to its industry-leading selection of stock non-standard washer tooling.

A valuable desktop reference for purchasing teams, this year’s Boker’s catalog cover artwork salutes the skills of design engineers. The new 72-page catalog offers an all-inclusive guide for over 32,000 stock tools for flat washers, spacers and shims, including 548 new washer sizes, allowing customers to choose from a wide variety of sizes, thickness and materials with no tooling charges. With outside diameters of 0.080” to 5.140” and a wide variety of inside diameters available, Boker’s also manufactures special shapes and sizes up to 12” in diameter, as well as a large range of inside diameters and thicknesses.

“For decades, the annual Boker’s catalog has been recognized as an industry standard, providing a go-to reference of our vast selection of over 32,000 of stock tools available for immediate manufacturing of non-standard flat washers, spacers and shims,” said Tony Kersey, Communications Director. “If a tool isn’t available, our in-house tooling department can manufacture a die to your precise specs quickly. Whether it’s a unique flat washer, a custom washer or washer types such as tab, spring, beveled, or countersunk, Boker’s can meet your exact specifications”.

The catalog also details Boker’s stamping technologies and manufacturing capabilities designed to satisfy standard to complex and intricate stamping application needs. Boker’s covers a complete range of stamping sizes up to 12” x 12” (flat) with thicknesses from .005” to .190” (varies by material) and draws up to 3” deep and 8” in diameter.

Offering flexible production quantities, Boker’s can accommodate short-, medium-and-long runs with immediate access to 2,000 commonly specified and hard-to-find materials. The company’s expanded manufacturing facilities and operations also facilitates secondary machining operations including tapping, reaming, counterboring, spotfacing and more.

For more information on Boker’s or to request a catalog, please visit Bokers.com.

Company Info:
Boker’s, Inc.
3104 Snelling Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Boker’s, Inc

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