23 September 2020
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Achieve your Dispensing Goals with Fisnar PosiPump™ Progressive Cavity Valves

Fisnar’s PosiPump™ Progressive Cavity Valves offer true volumetric dispensing of one or two component materials to achieve exceptional levels of repeatability. The unique endless piston design and bi-rotational control ensure clean, consistent, and reliable dispense results in every application.

Users can choose either the PosiPump™ I-Series Progressive Cavity Valve for one component materials, or the PosiPump™ V-Series Progressive Cavity Valve for two component dispensing. The PosiPump™ valves are based on an endless piston principle which uses a rotor and a stator to create a self-sealing, pressure tight positive displace system. This principle ensures a constant volume is always dispensed regardless of any changes in fluid viscosity, thixotropy or fluid inlet pressure.

Fisnar’s progressive cavity valves can be used with both low and high viscosity materials and prevent any dripping or drooling after each dispense cycle. The I-Series is suitable for dispense volumes as small as 0.008ml per revolution, and the V-Series as small as 0.016ml.

The PosiPump™ V-Series valves for two component materials provide independent control of each fluid material, allowing the mixing ration to be finitely adjusted. There are a variety of fluid outlet blocks available, designed for use with three different mixer types to meet all standard application requirements.

The PosiPump Progressive Cavity Valves are available for purchase immediately via Fisnar’s network of local distributors. Please email infoeurope@fisnar.com to make an enquiry.

For more information, visit: https://www.fisnar.com/products/dispensing-valves/...

Fisnar Europe Ltd

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