27 August 2014
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A new family of aluminium-spring hinges with concealed mechanism

PINET is launching a family of attractively-designed aluminium profile spring hinges with high performance characteristics combined with an invisible mechanism. Therefore, unlike most products of this type, the new spring hinges do not show their spring.

Spring hinges for industrial applications are usually quite unattractive and are difficult to fit into equipment.

The main features are:
- Hinges that enable a door or a panel to open or close automatically
- A completely invisible spring mechanism
- Different spring torques to adapt to different door weights and dimensions
- Corrosion-resistant
- No play in the hinge
- Elegant design in anodised clear or anodised black finish

This family is part of a complete range of hinges that have the same design and footprint but also have other functional characteristics (friction & detent) enabling different functions to be provided smoothly in the same piece of equipment.

These hinges may be used for doors or panels, horizontally and vertically, in applications such as machine tools, automation equipment, metal furniture, medical equipment and many more.

Pinet Ltd

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Pinet Ltd

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