Fastening & Assembly Solutions And Technology Products

Exciting new fastening product launches, fastening technology developments and product application uses in bonding and assembly within the manufacturing industry.

Removable hinges

Additions to its range of concealed, removable hinges by Southco "will enhance user options for durable and corrosion-resistant performance", says ...

Self-tapping brass inserts

An addition to its range of self-tapping brass inserts has been announced by Tappex Thread Inserts

Snap rivet mounted foot

The FSR series of snap rivet mounted feet has been introduced by Richco International.

Coatings for threaded fasteners

KV Group has developed a range of coatings specifically for use on threaded fasteners and components.

Locking system protects lock

Information is available from EMKA on its 1225 IP 65 locking system covering short and long escutcheon types with insert locks and swinghandles for ...

Torque wrench

Described as one of the most significant new designs of torque tool in its history the TruTorque has been launched by Norbar Toque Tools. "The key ...

Components and accessories

Rivets, panel fasteners, threaded fasteners, nuts, washers, bushings, cable ties and accessories, caps, plugs, feet, knobs, and handles are among ...

Self-clinching studs

The HFHB busbar range of self-clinching studs from PEM is stated to provide solutions for applications that demand superior electrical/mechanical ...

Reactive hot-melts

Kenyon is promoting the use of its Tecbond 9010/43, a reactive hot-melt adhesive that is based on a combination of polyurethane and hot-melt ...

Programmable tool changer

Henry Pels has introduced a programmable tool changer that features one Taumel head that can handle two forming tools.

Cable tie-mounts and hooks

PEM self-clinching cable tie-mounts and hooks, available from PennEngineering, are stated to provide secure attachment points for mounting wires and ...

Tapered tip needles for dispensing high-viscosity adhesives

I&J Fisnar, a US-based company whose products are distributed in this country by Intertronics, is promoting the use of tapered tip needles for the ...

Clamping knob

Elesa has expanded its product range with the addition of a stainless steel tri-lobe clamping knob.

Wind farms benefit from use of retaining rings

TFC reports that it has been working with two German manufacturers of sea-based wind-farm technology and has supplied retaining rings whose main ...

Welder promotion

Air-cooled and water-cooled Transtig ac/dc 2531S industrial welding packages are the subject of a promotion by Murex Welding Products until 1 ...

Fastener installation press

Northern Precision is continuing to promote the LCM Prima Inserter - a self-clinch sheet-metal fastener installation press for which the company is ...


New ranges of constant force springs and wave springs have been added to the portfolio of Lee Spring

Anti cross-threading

PEM MAThread anti cross-threading screw technology, launched by PennEngineering, "introduces a captive screw assembly for permanent installation into ...

Unified look for marine hardware products

Four new Mobella lock products have been introduced by Southco Marine.

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