Fastening & Assembly Solutions And Technology Products

Exciting new fastening product launches, fastening technology developments and product application uses in bonding and assembly within the manufacturing industry.


Introducing Advanced Adhesives innovative Low Surface Energy material bonding range of adhesives.


Loxeal Instant Flex is a new concept in the field of cyanoacrylate adhesives offering flexibility and sealing properties whilst maintaining speed of ...


Advanced Adhesives have formulated a high quality offering of structural methacrylate adhesives, formulated for bonding plastics, metals, composites, ...


Providing a quick-to-install and secure fastening for mounting components and panels, QUICKLOC from Bollhoff Fastenings is a push-in fastener which ...

tesa hits the hot spot

The demand to provide efficient and effective bonding solutions in the automotive industry is increasing rapidly, with more focus on resilience, ...

benchtop dispensing robot launched

A recent newcomer from Intertronics is the Fisnar F4500N Dispensing Robot.

tesa® expands range with new multi-use removable foam adhesive tapes

tesa, one of the world’s leading tape manufacturers, has launched a new multi-use residue-free removable foam adhesive tape, that can be re-used up ...

bigHead invests in innovation

bigHead Bonding Fasteners is continuing its investment in innovation with the appointment of Dr Lawrence Cook.

Pin-sharp performance

Detent pins are a quick and easy way to locate and secure parts in place.

Large bolted joints – taking away the tension

Working with large bolted joints usually means having to arrange specialist electric, hydraulic or pneumatic bolt tensioning services. But the unique ...

Smalley Self-Locking Rings Product Spotlight

Our familiar and popular Smalley Spirolox® Retaining Rings can also be manufactured with a unique self-locking feature that make them ideal for ...

Expelling the myths of Hose clamps.

JCS look at some of the common misconceptions surrounding hose clamps covering factors such as the strength, type and materials of different clamps ...

Lee Spring – constant force – constant load

Constant force springs from Lee Spring ex-stock or custom, are a complete spring package offering constant force over the useable range. They are ...

Pin-sharp solution

New stainless steel PEM TK TackSert pins from PennEngineering are said to offer ideal alternatives to screws for attaching thin panels in assemblies.

Solution for larger nested industrial enclosures

New hinges from the FDB Online store are now available on line.

Your route to special and custom fastener parts

Challenge Europe specialises in small volume manufacturing projects.

Smart thinking from Ellsworth

Ellsworth Adhesives Europe has recently enhanced its range of dispensing equipment with the addition of four new Techcon smart valve controllers: ...

Advancements in materials and 'Industry 4.0' - meeting the challenge

The demand for automated blind riveting, rivet nut and nut stud setting tooling is ever increasing.

Exhibition - Advanced Engineering 31st October & 1st November 2018

GESIPA is Exhibiting at the Advanced Engineering 2018, The UK's largest annual gathering of OEMs and supply chain professionals.

Route to special and custom fastener parts

Challenge Europe specialises in small volume manufacturing projects.

FDR technology by GESIPA® combines the mechanical joining technology of flow drilling a hole and riveting an application in a single step.

As automotive industry focuses its design on light weight hybrid material including carbon fibre, it challenges the joining technologies with these ...

A new market for GESIPA®

GESIPA® identified new opportunities to use its automatic blind rivet feeding unit for setting sealing plugs thus discovering new markets.

GESIPA® Keighley is continuously strengthening its capabilities as GESIPA® GROUP CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE for fastening technologies.

GESIPA® has invested in its UK manufacturing facility over the years in order to achieve a strategy to centralise its production of threaded inserts ...

Staytite Technical Advice

Do you require advice about the application of fasteners? Staytite can aid with new designs or the manufacture of an existing product, whether it is ...


An interesting application has emerged recently that has seen Bollhoff’s innovative SNAPLOC fasteners specified to replace wing-nuts on vacuum ...

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