24 February 2014
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You simply can't have too many cup holders

The new vehicle locking solutions catalogue from EMKA contains a wealth of useful accessory components including spare keys of various types.

Products included in the literature which will find value in the luggage compartment are retractable loops and sling rings for securing straps and bungees, while dove tail striker plates complement the main series of locks and handles, as do rubber bonnet and storage straps for equipment such as spades and axes.

Inside the vehicle, roof hatch openers and clip in vents are standard items – as are the EMKA emergency hammers, ash trays and cup holders – because, of course, one can never have too many cup holders!

Further information on the company's products and services may be found on the website, where it is also possible to download their 3D Cad files and any part of the product catalogue.

Paul Gay

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