01 August 2010
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UVA spot curing is the business

According to the maker Intertronics, BlueWave LED adhesive cure system is 'the business'. When it comes to invariable and long-life process in UV curing: "The DYMAX LED Prime UVA spot cure system gives some 10 times the life of a conventional arc type light source with much improved output consistency."

"The ability to simply switch it on and off makes control easier and cheaper," claimed managing director Peter Swanson. The system is 'excellent' for adhesive bonding of polycarbonate, PVC, PET, metal, glass, and many other substrates, as well as the spot curing of various coatings.

The spot-curing system features many advantages over conventional methods including: no consumable bulbs to change; no warm-up; cool cures; and constant intensity for thousands of hours.

Curing energy is generated using high-intensity LEDs and produces nearly double the intensity of any other LED spot-curing lamp on the market today. This system delivers maximum curing energy through a 5 mm diameter lightguide, with an output up to 15 W/cm2. While providing more power, the design also eliminates the safety concerns from the high heat generated by units with the LED array at the end of the wand.

In addition, the relatively narrow frequency band produced by LEDs generates cooler curing temperatures at the substrate level. The unit is CE certified, RoHS compliant, offers user-friendly operation, and boasts a useful LED life of over 50,000 hours.

Meet Intertronics at the IASE Exhibition, 21st October 2010, National Motorcycle Museum Birmingham.

Paul Gay

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