23 April 2021
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Trelleborg launches food-safe sealant

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has launched a new elastomer sealing material, FoodProTM E75F1. It is specifically engineered for universal use in food and beverage processing applications.

For manufacturers of food and beverage equipment, FoodProTM E75F1 is said to save time and costs by making it easy to specify materials that work in their products globally. The material maximizes the usability of ethylene propylene diene rubber (EPDM) for a full range of processing equipment, with compatibility to virtually all food products and cleaning regimes, according to Trelleborg.

The material is specially developed for use in high temperature dairy processing, including infant formula.

It is compression and injection-mouldable, and suitable for multi-component parts, strengthening hygienic design and enabling more robust components.

Applications include decanters, valves, pipe couplings, aseptic flange connections and filling machines.

The material’s compatibility with process and cleaning media was tested according to DIN ISO 1817. These involved testing materials in numerous media, including sodium hydroxide 2%, steam, alkaline and acidic cleaners, at elevated temperatures for 168 hours. FoodProTM E75F1 demonstrated good or very good performance with all cleaning agents tested, retaining hardness and tensile strength, while exhibiting little volume change.

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