08 November 2021
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Transatlantic growth for Alloy Wire as it marks 20 years of partnership in North America

Left to right: Michelle Nichols of Davidon Alloys, Angus Hogarth of Alloy Wire, Steve Gencarella of Davidon Alloys and Tom Mander of Alloy Wire

The power of transatlantic relationships is helping a British wire manufacturer target £1m sales in the US.

Alloy Wire International, which produces wire in 60 different high performance alloys, is on course to hit a seven-figure order haul Stateside – a perfect way to celebrate a 20-year partnership with Davidon Alloys Inc.

The Rhode Island-based company has been AWI’s North American Headquarters since a chance encounter at Interwire Exhibition 2001 and the relationship has generated almost £10m of sales since it started, with wire manufactured in the UK used by more than 1,000 customers in the US, Canada and Mexico.

Now the third-longest established international sales team, Davidon Alloys Inc is looking to capitalise on new demand from clients supporting the automotive, aerospace, medical and oil and gas sectors keen to get back to pre COVID-19 levels.

Angus Hogarth, R&D director at Alloy Wire International, commented: “There has always been a close bond between the UK and the US, and this is definitely reflected in the way our two businesses have grown together since our chairman Bill Graham and Davidon president Don DiNuccio met at that event all those years ago.

AWI will see export sales eclipse domestic orders in 2021 and this has been driven by a strong commitment to supporting a network of over 50 handpicked sales teams covering more than 60 countries.

In addition to receiving training in materials, on-site visits and engaging with international exhibitions, the company has also developed country-specific websites. This has made a major difference in generating new enquiries and many long-term business partnerships.

Don DiNuccio, president of Davidon Alloys Inc, added his support: “These partnerships only work for this length of time if both companies are committed to achieving a shared vision and invest in making it work. Now, when I say invest, I am not just talking about capital investments; I’m referring more importantly to dedicated time and attention. This is where it works really well with AWI. Over the last two decades, we have exhibited at nearly 30 industrial shows together and its UK sales and technical experts have accompanied us on more than 100 customer visits. That personal touch really makes a difference over here.”

He concluded: “So, the next challenge is to build on this platform and ensure even more manufacturers are using Alloy Wire material over the next twenty years and this is something my son David DiNuccio, Michelle Nichols, Steve Gencarella, Jose Derreza, Joseph D’Addese and their team will make happen.”

Alloy Wire International, which manufactures round, flat and profile wire for more than 5000 customers, was founded in 1946 by John Stockdale in an old ambulance station in Old Hill in the West Midlands.

The company’s founding principles of ‘manufacturing quality, delivering reliability’ has stood the test of time and remains a crucial part of how it deals with its global client base, spanning automotive, aerospace, medical, nuclear, oil and gas and notably space exploration and renewable energy.

To mark its 75th year in business it has launched the ‘Wired for Good’ campaign, which will see it boost its work supporting local charities and, importantly, become carbon neutral.

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