11 November 2021
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TFC launches Revolox self-locking retaining ring

In response to the higher rotational capacity requirements of modern applications, in automotive, aerospace and industrial manufacturing, fastening and fixings provider TFC is now offering Smalley Revolox self-locking retaining rings. With a dimple-and-slot design, the patented device is said to be able to safely and efficiently secure high-speed applications.

When choosing the appropriate type of retaining ring for an application, considerations typically include thrust load, groove dimensions and more. For some high RPM-based applications such as those in the aerospace, automotive and industrial sectors, standard retaining rings might be unable to meet the high rotational capacity requirements. If a ring slips out of place, the whole assembly could fail, causing severe damage.

All Revolox Self-Locking Rings are optimised for superior and secure high RPM performance. Its dimple-and-slot design locks into place as the ring rotates at high speeds, which effectively prevents ring expansion and ensures safety. While allowing for high RPM performance, the Revolox Self-Locking Ring maintains speed and ease of installation and is not easily damaged. Unlike typical retaining rings, the Revolox ring boasts automated installation capabilities, which makes it suitable for businesses with a high production volume.

Another benefit of this patented technology is that it weighs approximately half of a typical retaining ring. The lower weight of the Revolox Ring reduces rotating mass and therefore improves efficiency. Furthermore, compared with snap rings, the Revolox Ring is inherently better-balanced, which helps decrease vibration, according to TFC.

“One key market for this new product is electric vehicles, where electric motors are affected by rapid acceleration, vibration, and high RPMs,” said Justin Lawrence, applications engineer at TFC.

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