05 August 2014
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Stud welding system runs from mains supply

Nelson Stud Welding has introduced a high-speed stud weld system that can precisely weld the full range of drawn arc studs. The system is claimed to be the first 120V stud welding power source.

Developed in the US around the company's Arc Charger platform, the N550c is a high-speed stud weld system that can precisely weld the full range of drawn arc studs up to M8 diameter. Nelson claims that the N550c opens up a number of applications that can benefit from high-strength, drawn arc stud welding but previously was not feasible due to the costs associated with bringing in generators or 3-phase power.

Input energy for the new system is efficiently drawn from a standard mains wall outlet, and stored in a durable, precisely charged electrical storage system. The user can even adjust the rate of this energy draw, allowing the Arc Charger to share a single wall outlet with other devices.

The system weighs less than 40kg and requires no special training to operate. The welder just inputs the stud diameter and base material type, and a feature on the system, the Stud Expert, automatically selects the right setting.

Stored energy is precisely delivered to the weld by an advanced digitally-controlled, constant current welding power supply. This provides consistent, smooth arc control for drawn arc, gas arc, and short cycle processes with all weldable metals.

The company claims that the Arc Charger's versatile keypad makes setup easy, with preset buttons providing favourite settings. An alphanumeric display shows settings, actual weld results, as well as diagnostic error codes to help with troubleshooting.

The system is compatible with guns, cables and other accessories from Nelson.

Readers visiting the Williams Conference Centre for the FAST Exhibition on September 10th, 2014 will get a chance to check out Nelson's range of stud welding products by visiting the company's stand at the show.

Paul Gay

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