16 April 2021
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Composite wrap repairs damaged chemical tank

The ability of online repair specialist Hydratight to repair a chemical tank at speed with the LOCTITE Composite Repair System, saved its customer from serious consequences.

The problem was spotted during routine inspection of the operator’s processing facility and it needed to be resolved quickly, not only to restore compliance with stringent environmental legislation but also to prevent production losses.

As the large holes and pitting marks that Hydratight discovered were in the roof of the chemical tank, some 14m off the ground, the first task was to construct scaffolding to provide access. As a welded repair was unsuitable for this area, Hydratight proposed the LOCTITE Composite Repair System.

Central to Henkel’s LOCTITE Repair System is a resin-based composite material reinforced with fibres. When used for steel pipelines and structures, the material reinforces and seals the damaged sections and protects them against renewed corrosion. It allows corroded vessels to be repaired in situ without the need for costly steel replacements and the associated extended repair time.

The ISO/TS24817 and DNV GL certified LOCTITE System is suitable for the repair of non through-wall and through-wall defects, covering all repair classes from 1 – 3. When used to repair steel pipes, it can increase the structures’ service life by as much as 20 years.

For this specific application, Hydratight technicians, in collaboration with Henkel engineers, used a digital calculation and documentation tool to determine the most effective repair approach. The damaged surface was then prepared by grit blasting or wire brushing to ensure it was debris-free and treated with corrosion inhibitor. Next, LOCTITE EA 3478 Superior Metal was applied as a defect filler and held in place by multiple layers of LOCTITE composite material, topped by a sprayable ceramic coating to finish.

The project was completed in 72 hours, with the teams working over the weekend to ensure the repair was finished in time for the customer to resume full production at the start of the next working week.

Will Dalrymple

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