29 November 2021
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Powell Electronics stocks stainless steel enclosures for hygienic applications from Hammond Manufacturing

Powell Electronics, the supplier of connectors and more for high-reliability applications including defence, aerospace and industrial, now stocks the new HYJ range of IP69/IP69K stainless steel junction box enclosures for hygienic applications from Hammond Manufacturing.

Ideal for applications where maintaining hygiene standards and avoiding contamination are of high importance (for example in food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing), HYJ range enclosures have been designed to withstand regular high temperatures as well as regular high pressure wash-downs. They also have no areas where contaminants can gather (like slotted screw heads, quarter turn latches or welded mounting brackets) and all sides slope to ensure any water drains off quickly.

Available in five sizes from 202mm x 124mm x 102mm up to 416mm x 338mm x 203mm (height x width x depth), HYJ range enclosures benefit from a rectangular design enabling the units to be surface-mounted either vertically or horizontally to suit most applications.

The cover is secured to the body with, depending on the size, either four or six crevice-free hex head bolts fitted with a silicone washer to eliminate potential dirt traps. The blue "hygiene" coloured silicone gasket makes any contaminants more visible and is fitted beyond the door edges, so that there are no crevices in which dirt can collect. To eliminate difficult-to-clean areas behind the enclosure, it is mounted on stand-offs, available in four different lengths, to ensure that the device is fixed proud of the wall, to facilitate wash down of all faces.

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