16 August 2021
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New TIG welding machine from EWM

In designing the new Tetrix XQ 230 TIG welding machine, EWM says it put particular emphasis on improving user-friendliness. The new controls with a seven-inch colour display are said to be particularly well-arranged and intuitive to use. It can be run directly from a single-phase 230 V power socket, yet can tap into a current of up to 230 A.

Depending on the welding task, the user can choose from numerous TIG and MMA functions. Up to four pulse variants are available. Users benefit from ideal welding properties with a significantly more stable arc and optimum weld seams. The Tetrix XQ 230 is available in DC and AC/DC variants, so it covers a broad spectrum of applications.

It can cope with materials ranging from low and high-alloy steels to aluminium and aluminium alloys to nonferrous heavy metals and titanium. The spectrum of applications ranges from the food industry to aerospace, from the chemicals sector to mechanical and plant engineering, not forgetting the metalworking trades.

Operators can choose between the proven Comfort 3.0 controls or the new Expert 3.0 controls with a high-resolution colour display that clearly shows all the parameter settings and flow diagrams. All functions are directly accessible and lots of illustrated instructions and quick menus provide additional support when operating the machine. The controls can be precisely set with the ergonomic click wheel. EWM deliberately designed the machine without a touchscreen, to make it convenient to operate even while wearing welder's gloves. The user can programme five individual welding tasks as favourites and access them simply at the push of a button.

The Tetrix XQ 230 can be optionally equipped with a cooling unit, welding torch and trolley for transport at the construction site or in the workshop. The water-based cooling system Cool XQ allows for continuous use of the welding torch even at high welding currents, under extreme workloads or unfavourable ambient conditions.

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