16 December 2021
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New industrial magnets added to Elesa range

Elesa now supplies a selection of durable and reliable industrial magnets, now including new sizes in round and rectangular flat designs – also application-specific cable fixing magnets.

These join the existing range of standard magnets in different styles, sizes, pull forces, and materials for all types of permanent positioning and clamping needs. Typically, they are used for closure of doors, holding of workpieces, location of jigs or simply for temporary paperwork.

The range includes: flat retaining magnets with steel containment body, galvanized or colour lacquered; with a sandwich configuration of the poles, in a brass or steel containment body. This configuration delivers maximum permanent power, even with the smallest workpieces.

Different construction materials (ferrite, aluminium nickel cobalt, samarium cobalt, neodymium iron boron) offer a choice of specific attraction strength, resistance to temperatures (e.g. up to 80°C and 200°C.) also resistance to corrosion, workability and the possibility of demagnetization.

Elesa flat magnets are generally fixed in place with glue or grub screws. Other types include cylindrical magnets, unshielded magnets, also horseshoe and profile magnets together with accessories such as setting bolts, grub screws and steel discs with or without adhesive tape.

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