05 May 2021
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New gas strut kits

Gas struts are now available with brackets, rod ends and end fittings and come as a kit of parts for easy installation, making it faster and easier for customers to select their required installation type, according to supplier WDS Components.

The gas strut kits include a wide variety of fitting options that are easily specified from the website’s selection tool.

Ideally suited to OEMs who require high volumes, but they are also available in single units so the gas strut kits can be added to designs and purchased for applications including agricultural use, beds, camper vans, caravans, car boots, commercial vehicles, cupboards, hatches, machinery and marine application purposes.

WDS gas strut kits include the strut and all the components required for mounting, removing the need for the customer to make a calculation regarding the fitting types required. The kit’s components are easily specified according to application requirement by using the simple calculation tool available on the gas strut product pages on https://wdscomponents.com. The website tool includes diagrams and instructions that clarify the component selection to achieve the application’s goal.

The gas struts come in a range from a total length of 182mm to 1,132mm, with up to 22 sizes available in each model. The struts are also adjustable, meaning that unlike other models available, the customer doesn’t have to calculate their force requirement before purchase. Using a valve adjusted by Allen key, pressure can be reduced from a maximum force of 2,500N down to as low as 20N and the struts can be retracted to 97% of their extension dimension.

The brackets can be selected for fitting inside or outside of the gas strut, depending on the application’s needs. End fittings include angle joints, clevis fork and eye, or swivel eye rose joints, and fittings for the kit are easily specified through the WDS website’s selection tool. Individual struts, brackets and fittings are also available as single components, for example if replacement parts or spares are required.

The kits are constructed from steel with a black powder-coated strut to increase durability, as well as stainless steel versions that are suitable for use in food & beverage, pharmaceutical or marine environments, with optimum resistance to corrosion.

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