23 February 2021
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Lohmann tape proves handy for ball sport players

Lohmann splicing tape DuploCOLL 28014 has become popular among players of traditional Basque ball game hand pelota.

Hand pelota is played with a traditional ball made of wool around a hard core and covered with leather. It is played in the short court either individually or by pairs. It was originally played in the 13th century in the Basque region of Spain and France, and has been played for a long time in Mexico, South America, Cuba, Italy and many US states. The sport is similar to squash; players hit the ball against the end wall, trying to get it out of the opponent's reach.

Depending on the type and the hardness of the ball with which they are going to play, the players protect their hands with tape and technical foams.

Due to its solubility in water, the tape can be peeled off the hand easily after use, simply with water, which is the perfect solution for players.

Lohmann coats DC 28014 under an exclusive contract with customer MATCOM Europa; Lohmann also has a sales agreement to manufacture and distribute the product worldwide. In the past few years Lohmann has also promoted the sport by sponsoring championships for younger players.


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