15 August 2014
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Light curing adhesives for laminate film and medical devices

Intertronics is offering a variety of light curing adhesives, specially designed for bonding laminates and polymers in the medical sector.

Dymax MD medical device adhesive 1072-M from Intertronics is a UV and visible light curing adhesive particularly suited to rapid bonding of cyclic olefin polymers/copolymers (COP/COC) which have become popular choices in the point-of-care device industry because of their many advantages, including high strength, hardness, low water absorption and excellent biocompatibility.

Dymax 1072-M MD adhesive is a UV/broad-spectrum-cured adhesive specifically designed for bonding COC/COP film laminates and other difficult-to-bond-to polymers, but is also excellently suited to a variety of other plastics widely used in the manufacture of medical devices. Typical applications include needle assembly, reservoir assembly, transducer assembly and medical potting. Other bondable substrates include stainless steel, PS, PU, PVC, ABS, EVA, PA, PC, PCTG, PEBA, PET, PETG, PI, PMMA, PSU, SAN, TPU, CER, AL and glass.

Optimised for LED curing lamps, 1072-M will cure in less than 3 seconds after exposure to LED or broad-spectrum UV light, thus enabling fast processing, greater output and lower production costs. It is soft and flexible with a durometer of A58. It has a viscosity of 1,000 cP for improved wetting, making it ideally suited for interfacial bonding requirements. The product is ISO 10993-5 Cytotoxicity approved.

Readers can read the blog at www.adhere.uk.com or watch explanatory videos at www.youtube.com/intertronicsadhere

Paul Gay

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