06 April 2021
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Hot runners targeted in new 4PURGE formulation

4PLAS has designed and tested a new grade of its 4PURGE range targeted for hot runners in thermoplastic moulding. It is specifically blended to pass through these types of tool feed systems and tips while still ensuring the same cleaning efficiency as standard grades.

The grade is said to be suitable for a range of hot runners from simple hot tips to full multi-point complete manifold and sequential hot runner systems.

The new grade can be used with extrusion, injection moulding and blow moulding processes and a wide range of thermoplastic materials.

4PURGE can be used with a variety of thermoplastic and engineering polymers. It is said to allow quick colour changes, rapid polymer changes, removes carbon build-up, eliminates black specks and can e left in machine barrel for shut-down and start-up.

4PURGE is available in 25kg resealable drums to prevent waste and contamination when being used over extended periods of time.

The company says: “With rapidly rising polymer prices and shortages, demand for reduced levels of scrap are more important than ever, and 4PURGE will assist in fast and efficient machine cleaning between and at the end of production runs, reducing waste.”

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